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Link Comment
Spir.AI An amazing tool for watching cryptocurrency price at different exchanges, its movement and many other information. A tool for watching prices of various cryptocurrencies at different exchanges and trading platforms.
Trading View Probably one of the best tools for analysing charts. A lot of cryptocurrencies supported (stocks, metals are available as well).
Trade Block Set of multiple tools dedicated for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Live explorer, trasnactions, historical data provided.
Bitcoin Wisdom Watch Bitcoin prices (other cryptos as well) at top exchanges.

Bitcoin Blogs

Site Comment
Willy Woo Blog Blog of Willy Woo - cryptocurrency analyst.
Jack C. Liu Blog Blog of Jack C. Liu - one of the most influential Bitcoin promoters in China, CSO at OKCoin.
Money and State Blog Blog of Erik Voorhees, CEO of
Vinny Lingham Blog creator writing about blockchain, tokens and cryptocurrencies.
James Lopp Articles Articles written by James Lopp - software engineer at BitGo and creator of
Great Wall of Numbers Blog is filled with insights on the bitcoin market and cryptocurrencies, but there are topics not related to bitcoin also.
Richard Gendal Brown Blog Blog managed by Richard Gendal Brown who works at IBM UK as the executive architect for banking innovation. Bitcoin and blockchain podcasts provided by Trace Mayer - Early Bitcoin Investor.
Weekly Global Research Weekly researches touching Bitcoin, altcoins, mining, cryptos, etc.
Bitcoin Tech Talk Blog contributed by Bitcoin enthusiasts and specialists.
DuckDuckGo Blog Privacy and security tips, and advices.
ImponderableThings Not every article is Bitcoin related, however there are many great explanatory articles published.
Blockchain Blog Very informative blockchain related blog. Must read for everyone for deeper researching on cryptos.
ForkLog Bitcoin and blockchain related blog provided not in English only, but in Russian as well.
Bitmain Blog Name talks for itself. Knowing how influential and well known Bitmain is, you should guess that info here is valuable.
Box Mining Different cryptocurrencies and mining in a nutshell.

Bitcoin Videos

Link Comment
Bitcoin in 5 minutes Probably the best video explaining how Bitcoin works, in 5 minutes only.
VICE Bitcoin podcast 1 hour long podcast from VICE - Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Minining Explained Short video explaining how Bitcoins are mined (created).
Documentary: The Bitcoin Phenomenon Interesting Bitcoin documentary. Worth watching!
Banking On Bitcoin Full documentary movie - Banking On Bitcoin.
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Award winning documentary movie. It's not free.
Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine Impressive video about Bitcoin mining in one of China's mine.
The Blockchain and Us Documentary movie (2017) about blockchain.
Blockchain Revolution Talk by Alex Tapscott at "Talks at Google".
IBM Think Academy: Blockchain, How it works 3 minutes length video explaining how blockchain works.
Andreas Antonopoulos in Senate of Canada Andreas M. Antonopoulos educates Senate of Canada about Bitcoin. Great speech.
The Bitcoin Doco Bitcoin adoption, life and development in Australia.
London Real - Andreas Antonopoulos Interview at London Real of Andreas Antonopoulos. Another great speech by him.
How Bitcoin actually works? The Bitcoin protocol and blockchains explained. Probably the best explanatory video available.
Why Blockchain Matters More Than You Think Nicely explained video about blockchain place in this World and why it's so important.

Bitcoin Courses

Link Comment
Coursera Cryptocurrency course presented by Princeton University.
Bitcoin Course Free Bitcoin course with many technology professionals involved.
Video Course Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies online course available on Youtube.
Free Udemy Course Bitcoin Course: Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto.
University of Nicosia Offers the first Master of Science degree in Digital Currency. It is possible to take this course through an online platform. Course Virtual Currencies: A Case Study of Bitcoin. 2 hours free course.
Diginomics Bitcoin 101 Free Bitcoin economic course for beginners. Takes 4 hours only.
Khan Academy Course Great short course about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Stats

Link Comment
Bitcoin Charts Check different stats of Bitcoin blockchain.
Block Explorer Track Bitcoin transactions, check latest blocks, or search Bitcoin addresses.
Realtime Bitcoin Node Stats Extremly detailed real time Bitcoin node stats.
Bitcoin Fees Predictions Bitcoin fees for transactions.
Bitcoin Trading Volume Bitcoin trading volume by the exchange.
Bitcoin Market Cap Bitcoin total market cap, trading volume of the past 24 hours and circulating supply can be checked here.
Bitcoin Richest Addresses The list of wealthiest Bitcoin addresses. Statistics of distribution by the number of Bitcoins hold in addresses provided also.
Bitcoin Block Details Various Bitcoin blocks details represented.
Unconfirmed Transactions The list of all and latest unconfirmed transactions.
Bitcoin Nodes by Country Check Bitcoin all reachable nodes by country.
Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution Estimated hashrate distribution amongst the largest mining pools.
Bitcoin Price Stats and Analysis Systemic Bitcoin price analysis and predictions (experimental).
Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown Find out when Bitcoin block reward will halve again.
Bitcoin transaction fees comparision Check Bitcoin transaction fees historical chart or compare fees with other cryptocurrencies.
Blockchair - blocks stats Check blockchain blocks, outputs, transactions, and track stats.

Bitcoin Reads

Link Comment
Bitcoin Whitepaper Original whitepaper created by Satoshi Nakamoto.
Bitcoin Whitepaper Explained Everything what is written in Bitcoin whitepaper just converted into human language.
Bitcoin Mining Guide Detailed Bitcoin mining guide with videos and infographics.
Harvard Business Study on Blockchain Harvard Business review on blockchain technology.
Cold Storage Guide Cold storages very well explained.
How to store Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies properly A guide for saving your money.
Why Is Bitocin Forking? Bitcoin forks explained and why that happened.
Money, blockchains, and social scalability Article by Nick Szabo how blockchain may change the way of organizing our world.
What is the Lightening Network? A plain-language explanation of the Lightning Network, the protocol for scaling and speeding up blockchain.
How Bitcoin mining works? Extremely detailed article about Bitcoin mining, its process and functioning. (P.S. Integrated JAVA miner in the page).
Scalingbitcoin Clever bitcoin community minded about bitcoin scaling and further development.
A Cyperpunk's Manifesto A manifesto of cypherpunks. About our privacy and freedom online.